Marriage or Mirage? Paperback


Marriage or Mirage: Too many Mirages very few Marriages, which are you making? Debunking the illusions and making your happily ever after starts NOW!
Morolayo Anne Owoputi
Released on April 06, 2019
eBook Edition:   ₦700
Paperback:      ₦1500
Hard cover      ₦2,000


This is a book on marriage and understanding successful marriage’s love languages like Gary Chapman’s book. True marriages are a blessing, but the consequences that come from a bad marriage are not experiences anyone wishes to live with as these could be cancerous to personal health, families, societies, and nations. As every day realities set in, some marriages come across to the dispassionate observer as simply struggling to thrive. Some marriages may appear to be in good health but lack substance. While some fall apart along the way, most seem to be enduring marriage rather than enjoy it. Many individuals seem to be struggling to come to terms with the reality that their dreams of a blissful, peaceful, profitable and harmonious union have been eroded with the passage of time. The surprises are just incredible? There’s a significant difference between a true marriage and its counterfeits. Marriage or Mirage is a book for all individuals who are ready and willing to make great marriages. A profoundly compelling book that unravels the secrets of having a marriage that works lastingly through the vicissitudes of life. It’s not a book that attempts to mock challenging or failing marriages but rather a resource to help show what marriage is not. It primarily shows you how to know if there’s a marriage in your house or a mirage. It reveals and addresses devastating occurrences that make illusionary mirages out of many marriages today. It also illustrates what the Originator’s view of marriage is and spells out the roles assigned to each party in the marriage partnership to prevent the occurrence of mirages. A must–read! With this book, spouses in a discordant marriage are armed with the knowledge of what to do to redeem their marriages and those enduring marriage would discover how their marriages could become a delight rather than an exercise of endurance. Even those experiencing a separation are given by this work the keys to form future workable marriages. It also points out to individuals planning a divorce some truth they need to consider before saying never again! Young couples about getting married are forearmed with the laws of union which they must continually exercise to build a lasting marriage. Above all, it will help stakeholders see how to make a marriage work such that all dreams of living happily ever after can become a reality–which is the end desired for all true marital journeys.


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