Social Responsibility by Religious Community is our Concern

Social Relevance by Religious Community is our Concern

When God calls a man to be Upright and Pure, He also calls him to be Intelligent, Skillful, Peaceful, Relevant, Bold and Generous. Because God does not need what we give rather we need what He gives, we believe that whatever we have to give should be used for the development of human causes. FaithCraft initiative focuses on creating relevance for Faith Communities through active contribution, participation and interaction with  public life. It encourages religious community to prepare self to embrace societal realities. This is because after we have been taught to grow Spiritual Capacity needed to establish closeness to God, earthly realities in daily toil and living tends to drain Spiritual investments. We must as such be prepared to face-up to realities in the Society by developing Mental and intellectual Capacities in addition to Spiritual Capacity for us live out the realities in the society. As such members of Faith and Religious Community should become renowned as Mental and Spiritual Giants, a people possessing both abilities that can help to solve societal problems as well as Spiritual. Religious Community should be renowned  as forces who can identify and intervene in Societal challenges affecting the daily lives of the people. Absence of basic social services, an enabling environment and opportunities impact negatively on the quality of daily lives of members and the society at large, hence, the need for Social relevance. FaithCraft encourages Faith and Religious Community to show love to Society because Society benefits much more from ONE act of Love than a thousand sermons and teachings on Love. We want religious organization to take the lead as the light of the world to proffer solutions to the gross needs and challenges in the society by tackling the problem from its root and be an example to Government on attaining transformational development with limited resources from concerted efforts.

We believe there is prosperity in the religious community and it is through prosperity that development in our cities would be spread abroad to the North, South, East and West of our nation and the world at large. The collective effort of these communities to give back to society in substantial measure out of the resources brought into the storehouse could aid ending the reign of darkness in our Education, Health, Power, Agriculture, Housing and other social sectors. We have waited on Government for so long and Government is looking for a helping hand from other key drivers of society like you. If we take the lead and not wait for Government alone to get these things done, then we would have succeeded in alleviating poverty from the lives of members and society at large. With this initiative, Government will sit tight and have best practices to emulate and measure up in service delivery. In summary, this initiative aims at;

— Promoting Social Responsibility among Faith based community especially to the poor or undeserved communities.

— Promoting Creative abilities and Mental Capacity in addition to Spiritual observances in the Religious Community

— Encourage Religious Community to help complement the efforts of Government by embarking on Social services projects like providing free learning materials to schools, transit accommodation to the homeless, improved health care provision, provision of portable Water, Street light, road face-lift, recovery Centers for members going through abusive marriages pending the time their spouses have a rethink, and many more life enriching social services initiative that could restore order and sanity to our societal chaotic scenes

— Work with these Faith Community to help identify the pressing needs in their immediate community and guide them through the strategies to adopt solve the problem, follow through on the implementation plan and execution. This way we would have succeeded in engaging the society and as well as maintain relevance beyond the four walls of our worship centers.

Also Solutions this initiative seeks to provide include information on;

  • Members of Religious Community carries Innovative Genes
  • Taking Back the 7 Markets of Life
  • Emerging Social Conscience
  • Faith and Public Utilities
  • Relevant Religion
  • Dangerous Religion
  • Religious but not Political
  • God is Personal but never Private
  • Why do the Nations Rage and Nations of Bad Memories
  • Cast the Vision or the People perish
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