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I want to help you see prayers beyond a religious exercise but a tool for your rising and self development. This is because everything in life you desire flows out from there – walking with God in prayers, that is where everything you need flows out from. One lesson I have learnt in life about prayers is that the power and instructions drawn from it makes life easy and cheap. As you begin walking with Him in prayers, He would begin talking to you on what to do to have a breakthrough and then break free from limitations. So please follow me closely as I show you how to get there from here – right where you are now!

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I would like to establish in your heart some certain truths you need to know about prayers, so it will help you move and keep moving in prayers. One is, no man is greater than his prayer life! Secondly, prayer is not for specific people. Prayer is not meant for Pastors and Church leaders alone. It is not for old people such as our parent and grandparent but for everyone. Another truth is, no one graduates from the school of prayers same way no wealthy man would wish to leave the millionaires’ club. The place of consistency and persistence cannot be overemphasized for an effective and result oriented prayer life. Then an important truth to know about prayer is, you must have a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. You cannot hear a father you have no relationship with and because prayers is a dialogue and relational, your Heavenly Father would like to speak back to you when you finished speaking.


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