The Blessing of Sarah (Paperback)


Morolayo Anne Owoputi
Released on April 06, 2019
eBook Edition:   ₦1,000
Paperback:      ₦1,500
Hard cover      ₦2,500


This book is on God’s clever way to overcoming barrenness, fibroid tumors, miscarriages and complications in delivery.  The book reveals; the potential power of the blessing of the breast and of the womb for conception, full-term gestation and a safe descending delivery. It unfolds the keys to relinquish the fear of living and dying childless and contains a catalogue of testimonies from couples, who were barren, had fibroid tumors, suffered miscarriages but later attested to the power of the blessing of Sarah in their lives. It also contains Bible-based prayers to reverse and undo all that were not there from the beginning with ‘The Woman’ till she starts speaking with her children on earth. A must-read for all expecting couples, potential couples, pregnant women, young ladies with cases of fibroid and for all men who love their wife. I see you speaking to your children after all said and done!


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